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We advise on all aspects of sustainability, ESG and life cycle assessments.

We attach great importance to individual support that is precisely tailored to the needs of companies.


Our services


Comprehensive and tailor-made sustainability management that is crucial for the future viability of your company or organization.

Corporate carbon footprint

We accompany you on the way to a carbon footprint in Scope 1, 2 and 3, which provides the basis for calculating and monitoring direct and indirect greenhouse gases and reducing emissions.

Transparency and credibility are needed to meet the requirements of legislation, customers and suppliers in sustainability communication.

Communication &


Sustainability assessment

We prepare individual carbon footprints/life cycle assessments and evaluate social issues along the life cycle for products & services in order to keep an eye on impact and potential for improvement..

Trainings & Workshops

Would you like to know more about ESG, life cycle assessments, greenwashing, sustainable supply chains or diversity? We offer workshops and webinars or design individual training courses for your organization.

Sparring Partner

Would you like to stay up to date on sustainability issues or do you need support with the (further) development of your sustainability strategy?

We offer individual support for your needs.


Satisfied customers who have worked with us or continue to do so.

Über uns

Who we are


A future in which companies can unfold their full potential in harmony with people and nature.


Together with companies, we design solutions for ecological and socially compatible forms of business.  

Wofür wir stehen

Our values


We remain true to ourselves, are transparent in our communication and authentic in our actions. We value individuality and promote a corporate culture in which every employee can contribute their strengths and weaknesses.


We believe that every company, every organization and every employee can reach their full potential and develop further. That is why we promote an environment in which everyone can learn, grow and unfold themselves freely.


We achieve more through collaboration and teamwork than we ever could alone. The exchange and cooperation within our network and team plays a central role in this. We value mutual support and respectful cooperation.


It often takes courage to come up with new ideas and creative approaches. We are not afraid to take on challenges and break new ground. We learn from our mistakes and are constantly improving. Because courage is the key to success.

We are convinced that cooperation is one of the basic building blocks for solving the challenges of our time.

That's why we work with partners from different sectors to unfold the greatest possible potential for a more sustainable future.

Our network


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